Build Videos - TWP version

Building an Open Goaaal! is like building a trampoline, a climbing frame or a furniture kit.  It takes a few hours of hard concentrating on the instructions, and then you’ll have forgotten all about it by the following day.

There are no screws or bolts in an Open Goaaal!; just a fair amount of simple loops to tie, pegs to bash in, and plenty of threading of ropes through netting.

The build video is speeded up at various points so that you don't have to sit through some of the longer steps.

Hopefully watching it will make it even easier for you to follow the instructions.  But please don't use it instead of them as they have some important additional messages.


Video 1 – Building Standard and Large sizes (Video = 13 mins)




Video 2 – Opening and Closing Standard and Large Sizes - 5 Easy Steps (Video = 3 mins)