We are so sorry! £50 gift.

We are so sorry, but we have sold out of all our 2016 Xmas stock and are not due our next shipment until mid January.

We hate disappointing our potential customers, and so for any who are happy to wait until January for their delivery we have created a £50 gift special discount code.

So if you buy now using the following code for delivery in January, then we will reduce the price by £50.  Perhaps you can use this for a special "present is coming" extra Xmas gift?  

The discount code is SOLDOUTOFFER.  Type it into the discount code box at checkout and it will reduce the price by £50.

Delivery will be in the second half of January after the ship has docked.  We will not capture payment until we are certain of the date of docking as advised by the shipping line.  All your usual rights remain.