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Football is one of the best recreational games that you can play with your loved ones in the backyard. However, you will have to think about playing a variation of the football game, which you can play with the limited space and other resources available in your backyard. Here is a list of few such ideal football games, which you will be able to play at the comfort of your backyard.

Football golf
Football golf can be considered as a perfect backyard football game, which you can play to develop your aim and control. Now you might assume that you are wrecking the football ball with the iron driver. Yes, you are doing that, but you will be using some unique layouts. To begin with, you should lay some used towels in the yard. The primary objective of the game is to hit the ball and make sure that the football ball stops right on top of the sheets that you have laid. You can use multiple turns to end up the ball on the towels. Then you can count the number of hits that you go ahead with. The person who has the lowest quantity of hits will be able to end up as the winner.

Wall ball
Wall ball can is a great drill, which you can practice in your backyard with the assistance of a football ball. Even the professional football players tend to engage with wall ball to improve their football playing capabilities. In here, you will be kicking the football ball against the wall. It may sound simple. However, you will notice that the football ball is coming to you in many different angles. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have quick reactions. This can provide you with a great workout session as well. You can even try to hit the football ball with your foot so that you will be taking wall ball to the next level. The person who can play wall ball for the longest time duration will be able to end up as the winner.

Football tennis
Football tennis is another outstanding game that you can play in your backyard. It can also provide you with perfect playing experience at the end of the day. Similar to tennis, you can also play football tennis as singles and doubles. You will be following the same rules of a tennis game as well. You will be serving the football ball over the net. The other team should volley it back and make sure that it reaches the player with no than two touches on the ground. Besides, you need to make sure that the ball doesn’t hit the net or go out of the field of an area that you have defined at the beginning of the gameplay. Up to four players can engage with football tennis at a time.