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10 reasons to choose our football goals!


1. Over 75,000 people worldwide have bought an Open Goaaal!

…in UK, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Australia.

2. Delivery is quick and problem free!

We dispatch your product on the next working day, on a trackable service, that usually takes 1-2 working days for UK delivery.

3. Nobody returns an Open Goaaal!

Although you have 30 days to return it, nobody does. In 2021, 98.3% of people who ordered an Open Goaaal kept it (UK & Europe). And of the 1.7% who returned, virtually the only reasons were incorrect dimensions or artificial grass.

4. Open Goaaal is very strong indeed!

Unlike other garden football goals, Open Goaaal uses guy ropes and extra-long (45cm) thick steel trampoline anchors to hold it in place; so it can sustain professional-speed shots at 80mph+.

5. It’s very high quality!

Open Goaaal is manufactured at one of the world’s largest trampoline factories. The poles are powder coated. You can leave it outside all year around. It has a 12 month warranty. And 99.4% of customers in 2021 did not have a fault.

6. Your child will significantly improve their skills vs a traditional goal!

Unlike a traditional football goal, they can shoot time and time again at full power to the most important areas of the goalmouth, without the distraction of missing and fetching the ball.

7. Your child will significantly increase their enjoyment and fitness vs a traditional goal!

Unlike a traditional goal, the ball remains “in play” for much longer periods. When they shoot hard and miss the goal, the ball will rebound back, and the fun and fitness will continue. There’s no need for play to stop while they go to fetch the ball.

8. You will save money!

How many new balls have you had to pay for? How much have you spent repairing your fence or even windows? It all adds up!

9. Your neighbours will begin to love you again!

We won’t promise it will never happen. But with Open Goaaal football net, you’ll be saying “please can we have our ball back” a lot less in the future!

10. Open Goaaal won The Best Team Product Award at ISPO, Munich.

ISPO is the leading global sports show. And the ISPO awards are for “The most outstanding products in the sporting goods industry”. Our net wasn't just ranked as the best football goal; but the best team product altogether. 


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