What About Training Sessions



Can I use Open Goaaal! for team training sessions?

Yes; but it needs to be left in the same location, and in a secure training ground, as it's not intended for taking down after each session.  

And it should be positioned off the playing area to help avoid the guy ropes becoming a trip hazard. 

The reason that Open Goaaal! works so effectively is because the net is tensioned between the 2 poles. 

Therefore the 2 poles have to be inserted in sockets in the ground and supported by guy ropes.  And the net needs pegging to the ground. 


The pegs and sockets are not designed to be easily removed.  And taking out the poles and net between sessions will likely cause mixing up of the netting and difficulty re-building quickly.

However the net can be raised off the ground between sessions to mow the grass or avoid foxes damaging it.

Please note that one of the guy ropes at each end encroaches in front of the goal-line and onto the playing area. This creates a risk of tripping, and so we recommend that it is positioned off pitch and used for shooting and goalkeeping practice rather than game-play.