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Football attacking drills are a must to give the players the ability to create effective attacking patterns. When used in combination with shooting and finishing drills, these drills allow players from all positions to take part in an attack. 

1. 2v2 with Target Players to Small Goals

2v2 with target player attacking drill

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: ball, disc cones, two mini football goals

Create a 25x40-yard grid and split six players into two equal groups. Place one player from each team as the target player on the goal line of the side they are attacking. These two players can move along the respective goal lines.

The teams start playing against each other in a 2v2 format. Each player should play and receive the ball from the target player before scoring a goal. Rotate the target players and instruct them to play with one or two touches.

This is a greatU12 attacking drill in football that allows football players to practice passing and finishing. It also teaches them to position themselves to receive the ball.

2. 1v1 Battle - Attacking and Reaction Drill

1v1 attacking and reaction drill

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: ball, disc cones, two mini football goals

Set up a grid that is wider than longer. For example, 50 yards wide and 40 yards long. Then place a mini-goal at each end. Divide the players into attacking and defending groups and place them on the opposite sidelines.

The defending player starts by passing the ball to the first attacking player and moves in fast to check the football attack. The attacking player can try to attack any of the two goals. Once a goal is scored, the drill resumes with the next two players.

This is a combined defending and attacking drill for all age groups that helps in developing decision-making skills. The drill teaches the attacker to fake, change directions, and take quick decisions. The defender learns to anticipate the attacker’s moves and react quickly.

3. 4v4 Passing Game Training Drill

4v4 passing attacking drill

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: ball, disc cones, two goals

This is a 4v4 training small-sided game and drill played within a 40-yard x 30-yard grid. Place a goalkeeper under each goal. Each team attacks, defends, and tries to gain maximum possession of the ball. 

However, when a team has possession, a minimum of two players need to touch the ball before a goal is scored. You can also limit the number of touches a player can make based on their skill level.

This is a great drill to improve the communication skills and decision-making ability of the players. It also helps in improving ball control and passing accuracy.

4. Control and Turn Drill

WHAT YOU WILL NEED:Ball, three-disc cones, or markers of three different colors.

Place the 3 markers in the shape of a triangle. The arms of the triangle should be 5 yards long. The player stands in the center of the triangle facing the base.

The coach needs to stand 8 to 10 yards away from the player, and pass the ball to the player. Simultaneously, instruction should be given regarding the marker towards which the player should turn on receiving the ball.

The player needs to collect the ball, make a swift turn and dribble around the specific marker before returning to the starting position. A time limit can be set for the players to complete the entire move.

This is an excellent dribbling drill that also improves the player's ability to make fast moves within the penalty area.

5. Dribbling Past a Defender Drill

dribbling past a defender attacking drill

WHAT YOU WILL NEED:ball, 8 disc cones

For thisfootwork drill, set up six cones in a straight line. Each cone should be at least two paces from the previous one. Form a gate with the remaining two at the end of the line. The sixth cone should be around six paces away from the gate.

The players should start dribbling from the end of the line, zigzagging through the cones. In the end, they should move through the center of the gate as perfectly as possible. A time limit between 30 to 45 seconds can be set to complete the entire drill.

Dribbling skills are essential for all counterattack moves in football, especially for strikers. This is a basic football coaching drill toimprove dribbling skills.

6. 2v2 Battle for Attacking and Defending

WHAT YOU WILL NEED:ball, disc cones, mini goals

Start by creating a 40-yard x 30-yard grid and placing a mini-goal at one end. Next, split the players into two groups and place them on the sidelines. One of them will be the attacking team and the other the defending team.

Two defenders step on the field with the ball. Two of the attackers also step in. The defenders pass the ball to one of the attackers and move in quickly to gain back possession.

The attackers need to pass the ball between themselves and avoid the defenders through combination play. They can score on either of the two goals. Once a goal is scored the drill is restarted with new players. Make sure that both teams get the chance to attack and defend.

This is a combination of shooting, dribbling and passing drills, that helps to improve the overall skills of the players.

7. Football Balanced Attack Training Drill

soccer balanced attack drill

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: ball, disc cones

Set up a suitable grid area depending on the number of players. Divide the players into two teams and place one goal with a goalie at each end. Ideally, the number of players should be 10 or more.

The drill involves the usual tussle to score a goal. However, each player should make a limited number of touches. The first football team that has three (or more) different players scoring a goal wins.

Apart from the usual football skills, this youth football training drill also helps to develop an aggressive and positive mentality. Other than that, it also focuses on taking positions and proper football ball placement.

8. 2v2 to Targets

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: a few football balls, disc cones

Set up a grid with two target players on each end instead of a goal. Divide the players into two equal groups and start the football offensive drill with a 2v2 play.

The attacking group should be able to move the ball from one end to the other and pass it to one of the target players while avoiding the defenders. Keep a number of balls in hand for continuous play. Switch the target players into the field of play at regular intervals.

This drill helps in developing passing by usingvarious football kicks and decision-making skills. It also helps players to perfect the skill of making one-two passes.

9. 5v2 Plus One Rondo

Divide the playing field into two equal halves. Start the drill in a 5v2 format on one side. Two of the five attackers should stand on the sidelines and move along it. One of the attackers should always stand on the center line. 

A sixth target player stands on the endline at the other end of the field.

The five attackers need to complete four passes between them before passing the ball to the target player standing on the other end. Then, the attackers move to the other side to support the target player and the defenders move over too. 

If the defenders win the ball, they will give it back to the attackers after they sprint to the other end of the field and come back. The defenders can be switched after 5 minutes of play.

The drill helps the players to anticipate the passes from their teammates. It also helps in practicing keeping ball possession in the midfield area.

Final Thoughts

These are some great attacking football drills for football practice to improve the goal-scoring abilities of the players. 

Once the players have learned thefundamentals of football, these offensive football drills and football forward drills will help improve their ball control skills in tight spaces. That in turn helps in creating more goal-scoring opportunities.