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As a football player, having some football moves up your sleeve is essential to beat defenders. Some of the best football moves that are used to beat defenders help you win and work on your ball control and speed. 

Whether executing a difficult move, like the Cruyff Turn, or a simple move, like the Chop, you must still practice these moves until you are confident you have them down. 

These are the nine best moves in football and tricks to help you quickly beat defenders, work on your skills, and can help you dribble as well as Lionel Messi.

1. The Cruyff Turn

The Cruyff Turn is one of the football moves named after a well-known master of footballJohan Cruyff. You can use the Cruyff Turn when you are about to put in a cross, but instead, you use the inside of your foot to bring the ball through your legs. 

When this move is done correctly, it will throw your defender off balance midfield, keep you in position, and get by your opponent without risking losing your ball. When executing the Cruyff Turn, you should try your best to ensure that your body’s gravity is low, so you can keep your balance and quickly turn in one continuous movement.

2. Inside Touch - Scissor

The inside Touch with a Scissor move is great if you move quickly with your feet and execute the move properly.

To perform this move, you must slightly touch the football in front of you using the inner part of your foot. Then, do a scissor quickly using the same foot. Cut using an outside touch of the ball with the other foot. 

The Inside Touch with a Scissor move usually works well because it is continuous and fast. This move can trick defenders because they expect you to go inside and then outside. The defenders expect you to move the opposite way, which is why it is an excellent move when you want to confuse the opposing team.

3. The Football Control Move

The football control move is when you softly place the bottom of your foot on top of the ball. This move is simple and is often an opening move for young youth players, such as players in the U5 groups or below. 

Young children are not yet experienced with balance and control, so the football control move can set them up for football/football skills, advanced footwork, and other moves in the future. As players progress, this movie is often used in conjunction with more advanced moves. 

4. The Elastico

The Elastico is a popular football move amongst Brazilian players. It is also known as the flip-flap move. Particularly, Brazilian football player Ronaldinho Gaucho likes to pull off this move and is successful at it. 

To successfully perform this move, you must hit the ball using the outside of your foot before switching directions immediately by striking the ball using the inside of your foot. Then, bring the ball across your body.

While the Elastico can be performed from a stationary position, it is much more effective when it is performed at speed. 

The Elastico is designed to make the defender think you are going in one direction, but you are actually going in the opposite direction by crossing the ball over.

5. Stop and Go

The Stop and Go move is meant to delay and confuse defenders. You can use the Stop and Go football skill moves to beat defenders that hinder you from an angle, which is a great way to set a cross up and beat a defender on the sideline. The Stop and Go has a few variations, but all are effective and do the same thing. 

One variation is to act like you will cut the ball backward, but instead, you quickly dribble forward. Another variation is that you can pull your ball back halfway and touch it using your lace. Or you can touch the ball with the inside of the foot and cut the ball back halfway. 

You can also pull the ball back halfway and move the opposite foot behind your standing leg to pull the ball back and use an inside touch to move the ball forward. 

Whichever variation of the Stop and Go football drills you use, you must always move your hips and body when you take the first touch.

If you do not sell the move correctly, the defender will not actually believe you will cut the ball back. Good defenders look for this move, so you should focus on executing it correctly to trick the defenders.

6. The Chop

The Chop is an easy football move for kids to master. Young youth players can apply the Chop move when the ball is resting or when you dribble. This move is typically very effective in football games amongst young players, but it can also be used with older children. 

The chopping skill should be performed in a stable position. Use your foot to strike the ball at a sharp[ angle on the right side. Then, the ball will kick to your left side if you use the right foot to kick. 

This move allows players of all ages to work on their ball control and football kicks. It also teaches them how to quickly change directions and create space from a defender.

7. The Nutmeg

TheNutmeg football move is one of the best football jukes because it can leave your defenders on the football field feeling twisted.

This skill is an iconic football dribbling move used to kick the football between the opponent’s legs before you run past them and retrieve the ball on the other side. 

While the Nutmeg sounds easy, it requires concentration and ambition. Typically, older youth players can execute this move but should practice with their teammates ahead of time. Most players hate to be Nutmegged, as it makes them feel foolish. 

8. V-Pull

The V-Pull move works well when you execute it correctly, but it is often challenging to perform. To do the V-Pull, you must touch the ball toward a defender. 

Once the defender commits to the tackle, you must pull the ball across your body to reach the opposite foot. Touch the ball into free space. When this is timed correctly, the defender must stop his drive and go after the ball.

This allows you to get far away. You can use afootball rebounder wall to practice this move, acting as if the wall is the defender.

9. Step Over

The Step Over football move is simple. This move is often used with young players, as the Step Over move makes way for more complicated moves as players progress. Youth players can begin using this move as young as two to three years old, and it can be used from that point on. 

The Step Over move is a football skill used to help you beat defenders one-on-one. After faking a pass, step your front leg over the ball. Then, the dribbler pivots away quickly with the ball instead of the defender. 

Football Moves FAQS

What is the hardest football move?

The Elastico is one of the hardest football moves for players to accomplish. The Elastico is one of the names of football tricks named after a professional football player. 

Football player Ronaldinho Gaucho is known for successfully completing this move, but other players have also been successful in achieving the move, like Zidane.

This move is advanced, and usually, older youth players try to execute it as opposed to young children. Players should study and practice tutorials for this move before using it on the field of play.

What is the most famous football move?

Some famous football moves include the Cruyff Turn, the Elastico, theRainbow kick, the Maradona Turn, the Rabona, and the Nutmeg. 

What is the Ronaldo chop?

The Ronaldo chop is an advanced football move that you can use when facing a defender one on one. To perform the Ronaldo chop, you must leap over the ball and adequately land on your feet. Then, use the inside of your dominant foot to hit the ball and quickly sprint after the chop. 

The Ronaldo Chop is named after professional football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who often uses this move and has mastered it.

What is the spin move called in football?

The spin move is known as the Marseille turn, the Moorsey roulette, the Roulette, the 360, the Girosflin, or the double drag back. While there are multiple names for this move, they are all the same. 

The spin move is a unique dribbling skill where you spin a full 360 degrees on the field to avoid your opponents and regain control of the ball. Players can use abackyard football goal to practice the dribbling skills needed to perform the spin move.

Final Thoughts

To master beating defenders in football, you should practice these moves and tricks. To practice football moves in your backyard, consider using a 3-in-1 trainer to help you work on your individual skills.

Check out theOpen Goaaal 3-in-1 trainer today to practice your dribbling skills that you can use with some of these moves.