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No matter how skilled a football team is, winning a game is all about finishing in the right manner. That involves receiving crosses from teammates and scoring with perfection.

So, finishing football drills for crossing and scoring should be an important football coaching point for players; especially for strikers and midfielders. These football drills are necessary to boost the technique and confidence of the players.

Many of these drills are designed for advanced players. However, some of them are simple enough for newbie players to practice once they learn thefootball fundamentals and build up the basic skills.

1. 2v1 Pick a Side 

Arrange the players in three different lines, 35-40 yards away from a large or full-size goal. 

Next, place a pop-up mini goal as shown in the above image. The players in the line furthest away from the goal will each have a football ball. The goalkeeper guards the larger goal.

This drill starts with the first player in the line passing the ball to the first players of any of the other two lines. The first player and the player receiving the pass become the attacking team. 

The player who does not receive the ball becomes the defender to create a 2v1 game format.

Your attackers aim to score by beating the goalkeeper, while the defender tries to win back the ball.

2v1 pick a side finishing drills


The main objective of the drill is to improve the goal-scoring ability of the players. To start with, the first player needs to deliver an accurate pass. This gives the player receiving the ball ample time to take a shot at the goal. 

2. Rapid 1 Touch Finishing

For this drill, place two cones at the top of the 18-yard penalty area, near the ends of the penalty arc. Split the players into two groups and line them up on two sides of the goalposts as shown in the image. Each player should have a ball.

The drill starts with the first player from any line. The player runs around the nearest cone and receives a pass from the first player in the opposite line. After receiving the pass, the player tries to finish with one touch. Note, there are some solo football drills that can help players to improve their touch play.

Once the pass is made, the player from the opposite line begins their run around the cone and the drill continues.

rapid 1 touch soccer finishing drill


Running around the cone and receiving the ball simulates an actual match scenario when a striker has to move fast to evade a defender whilekeeping possession. Since this drill moves at a fast pace, the football players get a chance to perfect their shooting technique with just a single touch while moving forward.

3. Finishing In Front

This training drill is set up using half of the football field. Set up a portable goal of any size around 8 yards away from the penalty line on the right side of the football field. 

Next, place an 8x8-yard grid on the other side of the field, keeping it in line with the portable goal. Place a goalie on each of the goals.

Two players will act as servers and should have plenty of football balls to pass along. The first Server stands in the center circle and the second stands in one of the corner areas of the main goal. 

The remaining players stand in a line on the sideline opposite the portable goal. Only one player stands on the side of the portable goal

To start the drill, the first Server plays the ball into the grid. Player 1 runs forward from the sideline to collect the ball and passes it to Player 2. Player 2 returns the ball back to player one who shoots at the portable goal.

After passing the ball, Player 2 makes a run toward the main goal and collects a pass from Server 2. Now Player 2 makes an attempt at the main goal.

In the next round, Player 1 moves into the position of Player 2. Player 2 replaces the first Server who joins the line.


This drill acts as a passing and shooting drill and helps the players to improve first-touch abilities. It also helps the players to work together for effective combination play.

4. 6v4 Training Teams 

This passing drill can be practiced within a 40X60 yards grid with two full-sized goals at two ends. Depending on the skill and number of players, you can also use a larger grid.

Ideally, the drill is practiced with 10 players. Start by dividing them into two teams of 6 and 4 players on each side. Number the players on the larger team from 1 to 6.

The teams play against each other as per the standard rules. The catch is, the team of 6 needs to pass the ball in numerical order every time they are in possession. There are no such restrictions on the other team.

6v4 soccer finishing drill


This is one of the best finishing drills in football that helps in improving passing skills within the penalty box. It also helps in improving communication skills between the players

5.  Cross-Finish Under Pressure

This drill can be practiced on one-half of the field with a full-size goal. Place the goalie in the goal and start with four players. Two of them will be attackers and the other two are defenders.

Place four cones on the field and let the players stand beside them. Player 1 starts the drill by playing the ball to one corner of the goal. Player 3 runs forward to receive the ball. At the same time, Player 4 moves forward to defend Player 3.

Player 3 makes a cross to Player 1 who will collect the ball and attempt to score a goal. Player 2 will try to defend Player 1.

Continue the drill and rotate the players so that everyone can practice offensive and defensive moves.


This is one of the best finishing drills in football that simulate actual game situations. It is also an effective crossing drill that allows the player to anticipate the crosser and practicefinishing and shooting under pressure. Besides, it also allows runners to time their moves according to the flight of the ball.

Final Thoughts  

These are some of the best football finishing drills that will allow the players to maximize the scoring opportunities during an actual match. Besides, these crossing and finishing drills also help the players to improve their decision-making abilities under pressure. 

As a coach, you can combine these drills along with warm-up sessions and small-sided games to get the best out of a football training session.