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While most football players focus on buying top-grade football cleats and shin guards, for goalkeepers, the gloves are the most important piece of football gear. Admittedly, goalkeepers need to knowhow to punt a football ball, but a good grip on the ball and finger protection is a priority.

From high-end designs to budget-friendly pairs for everyday play, goalkeeping gloves are available in various types.

To help you pick, here are some of the best goalkeeper gloves that offer the best combination of performance, comfort, and protection.

adidas predator pro goalkeeper gloves

1.Adidas Predator Edge Pro


  • Durable and sticky rubber foam
  • Full thumb coverage
  • Excellent grip and shock absorption
  • A strapless design offers a natural fit


  • Does not offer a tight fit in the finger area
  • They are pricey

Adidas has used premium-grade URG 2.0 rubber foam for the palm area that feels tacky enough to use in wet conditions. The foam has great shock-absorption properties and you get an excellent ball feel. 

The foam also has sufficient durability and resists flaking and chipping effectively. Besides, the strapless knit entry feels comfortable and the fingers feel well-padded. In fact, the strapless technology from Adidas is one of the best.

Adidas has used Zone Skin technology to cover the backhand of these gloves which provides sufficient thickness along with knuckles. If you are looking for a pair of keeper gloves to play at the professional level, the Predator Pro is an excellent choice.

puma future one grip

2.Puma Future: One Grip 1 NC


  • Stylish and colorful gloves 
  • Elastic material offers great freedom of movement
  • Offers great grip for professional play


  • Limited airflow and breathability
  • The claw-like fit may not suit bigger hands

In terms of looks, the One Grip NC is one of the coolest goalie gloves you can pick. This glove has a negative fit with a dual grip latex that provides a solid grip. It feels comfortable, and the ergonomics are top-notch.

Once on, you will notice the soft pieces of latex distributed on the palm area that enhance the grip. The knitted backhand area with some extra silicone provides the right surface for punching away the hard shots. 

Overall, the Puma Future Grip is one of the best goalkeeper gloves you can pick, but the limited airflow makes it difficult to wear in humid weather conditions. And since the latex can wear out fast in rough conditions, we suggest using these only as match gloves.

nike phantom elite goalkeeper gloves

3.Nike Phantom Elite


  • Grippy latex with a true negative cut
  • Well-padded for comfort and protection
  • Easy to slide on


  • Flaking of the latex with regular use
  • Lack of padding in the wrist area

Nike uses the All-Conditions Control (ACC) foam technology and a true negative cut to make this one of their best gloves. The design provides a good combination of comfort and mobility.

The back end is made from thick layers of neoprene that offer good cushioning and is breathable. The elastic wristband is well-designed and is angled to ensure a secure and customizable fit around the wrists. Even so, they are not the most comfortable wrist straps you will find.

While this is not the most durable latex used by Nike, they are still a great pair of gloves for regular practice.

rectrix 1.0 goalkeeper gloves

4. Rectrix 1.0


  • A natural fit with good comfort
  • Robust velcro strap with quick release
  • Affordable price tag
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Not for keepers who prefer extra-thick palms
  • It needs more color variations

If you are looking for high-quality goalie gloves that offer great value, the Rectix 1.0 deserves a closer look. The simplistic design has a negative cut, robust wrist straps, and good finger support.

These gloves have Contact Latex palms that provide an excellent grip in all weather conditions. On the backside, there is “Dumbo foam” that offers sufficient protection without compromising flexibility. 

While the design is not flashy, the classic look is eye-catching. On the downside, the white material tends to get grimy with regular use. Considering the great features and low price tag, we recommend them as the perfect training gloves.

uhl sport goalkeeper gloves

5. UHLSport Supergrip Reflex


  • Great gloves for natural grass fields
  • Dual fix system offers a secure fit
  • Half negative cut offers a good fit
  • Offers great flexibility for ball handling


  • Limited finger protection

The Supergrip from UHLSport packs a ton of new technology that makes it one of the best goalkeeper gloves for wet as well as dry conditions.

These gloves use a new foam formula containing particles that offer extra grip in wet conditions. They come with a reflex cut that fits like a second skin to offer excellent ball control. The upper portion of the glove is made from a breathable neoprene material to ensure air circulation

In the backhand area, there are additional foam pads to provide sufficient punching power. On grass fields, these gloves offer a solid grip, and the foam palm can resist abrasions effectively.

nike touch elite goalkeeper gloves

6. Nike Mercurial Goalkeeper Touch Elite


  • A lightweight and comfortable design
  • Perforated design provides better comfort
  • Great grip in wet and dry conditions


  • It takes time to adjust to the design
  • A high price tag

The Mercurial Touch Elite cuts through the bulk of traditional gloves to offer a minimalist design and great performance in all conditions. Nike uses ACC (All-Conditions Control) technology for better grip and uses a flexible wrist cuff that offers a secure fit. 

Note, since the fit is snug, you might want to pick a higher glove size than the one you use. The right size will also make the gloves last longer

While the gussets around the glove feel robust, the thumb lacks any extra padding. However, the overall durability of the gloves is good enough for handling frequent practice sessions.

sondico goalkeeper gloves

7. Sondico Aqua Elite


  • Good grip for wet and dry conditions
  • Additional protection for fingers
  • A reliable fastening system
  • Affordable price tag


  • Not the best durability
  • Limited backhand protection

While this pair of goalkeeper gloves from Sondico are not the best match gloves you can pick, they do offer excellent value. 

One great feature is the Removable Finger Protection System that prevents finger injuries. In addition, it has the Duo Grip technology that uses a layer of laminated latex to offer a better grip. The grip is not the best in wet conditions, but considering the price, we are not complaining.

The flexible wrist strap is another great feature that provides good wrist support. In short, if you are looking for a functional pair of football goalie gloves for daily practice sessions, these are a good pick.

reusch goalkeeper gloves

8. Reusch Pure Contact Fusion


  • Advanced foam for better grip 
  • A comfortable and snug fit
  • The top material is breathable
  • Flexible material limits tearing


  • Insufficient finger protection
  • Limited padding in the punch zone

The Pure Contact gloves from Reusch not only look fresh but also offer a premium grip with a new foam formulation. It uses a modified negative cut to provide a comfortable fit.

We like the use of a notch at the base of the thumb to reduce the chances of tears. Additionally, the latex area extends below the wrists and this extra sticky zone can be a lifesaver while blocking tricky shots. Besides, the latex-neoprene combination on the wrist straps ensures additional support.

The backhand has silicone prints for better protection and strength. All in all, these are one of the best gloves for natural grass as well as turf. 

storelli exoshield gladiator pro goalkeeper gloves

9. Storelli ExoShield Gladiator Pro 3


  • Engraved palm offers impressive grip
  • Breathable mesh for comfort
  • Good protection for fingers


  • Fast palm wear rate

As the name indicates, the Storelli Exoshield are heavy-duty gloves that are great for match play. Storelli has added 3mm of impact foam and high-quality latex to combine a high-quality grip along with shock absorption.

This pair of gloves also come with removable thumb and finger spines for additional protection. Additionally, the punch zones are reinforced with textured polybutylene for better strength.

The three-strap system takes some time to adjust, but once you put the gloves on, they remain locked securely. However, the foam wears out quickly with regular use. So, we recommend this only for match use.

How the Open Goaaal 3-in-1 Football Trainer Helps Goalkeepers

For coaches wanting to teach their playershow to react faster to shots, the Opengoaaal Rebounder is a great choice because it will keep the ball in front of the goal and force the goalkeeper to pop back up and react to the next shot. 

This will improve their endurance and maximize the amount of time you can spend with them. how to get faster for football, the Opengoaaal Rebounder is a great choice.

What Are the Different Cuts of Goalkeeper Gloves?

For most football players, using their hands is illegal except duringa throw-in.But for serious goalkeepers, hands and gloves play a critical role. So, the cut of the gloves you choose is important.

The term “glove cuts” can be confusing for first-time buyers. Basically, the “cut” is the style in which the palms and the backhand area of the gloves have been stitched. 

Here we take a look at the 4 main types of glove cuts that are available in the market

Flat-cut gloves

This is an entry-level design that emerged with the first range of goalkeeper gloves. The stitched gussets are on the outside which provides a loose feel around the fingers. The back of the gloves is covered by a single latex layer.

Negative-cut gloves

These are the most popular choices among modem goalkeeping gloves. The stitching for the gussets is located on the inside surface resulting in a snug feel around the fingers. The design also has more padding around the fingers for better protection.

Roll finger-cut gloves

In the Roll-finger cut, the backhand area is attached directly to the palm area without the use of gussets. Also, the latex is rolled around the fingers which ensures more contact area with the ball and a better grip.

Hybrid-cut gloves

Hybrid gloves combine the design elements of two or more cuts and do not follow any particular glove style. This is a premium cut that offers the best combinations to the goalkeepers for maximum comfort and functionality. They are also the most expensive goalie gloves on the market.

goalkeeper ready for shot

Do Goalies Need the Wrist Strap on Goalkeeper Gloves?

The main purpose of a wrist strap is to provide support and ensure that the goalies do not injure the wrists while blocking a full-throttle incoming shot, especially duringset pieces. However, even with the best keeper gloves, heavy wrist straps can get uncomfortable, especially on a hot day. 

This is the reason that many pro goalkeepers are choosing strapless gloves that are lighter and more comfortable. 

That said, strapless gloves are not the best choice for younger goalkeepers who are yet to perfect their technique. It is best that they use gloves with wrist straps to reduce the chances of wrist injuries.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best goalkeeper gloves that you can pick. Your choice will depend on your skill levels, budget, and frequency of play. No matter the product you choose, make sure to takeproper care of the gloves.

Young players need not pick the most expensive goalie gloves. It is best to start with a functional design and then shift to advanced gloves as they gain experience.