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Whether you're a seasoned football pro or just starting, your first touch of the ball is everything. With a bad touch, the opposing team could steal it in an instant. The thing is, working on your control doesn't come easily.

Football requires a lot of training, and so does your control. While you might be wondering, how do I train my skills? The answer is simple: gettraining equipment, like a football goal kickback.

With a football kickback, you can practice striking and receiving balls to improve your skills. It can also be set up anywhere, so space isn't a problem. If you want to know more about football kickbacks, keep reading!

Why You Should Buy a Football Kickback

Football kickbacks are an extremely helpful tool to help you improve your football skills. They're also perfect for practicing with your kids so they can get a feel of an actual football game. If you're still thinking about it, here's why you should buy a football goal kickback.

For Goalkeepers

If you're a goalkeeper or aspiring to be one, here are the benefits you can get from using a football kickback:

  • Helps you improve your footwork and overall movement
  • Puts a realistic football game in motion, allowing you to think about your hands and body shape
  • Gets your catching skills up to speed and enables you to increase your strength and accuracy
  • Improves agility and quick thinking

For Outfield Players

Of course, a football game won't be complete without the outfield players. If you're an outfield player, here's why you should get one:

  • Challenges your first touch and trapping technique
  • Helps you improve ball control using different body parts, including the chest and feet
  • Improves your weaker foot's game
  • Sharpens the power and accuracy of your striking skills
  • Improves reaction time

For Everyone

Aside from football players, football kickbacks are also helpful for every sports enthusiast who wants to improve their skills. 

You can improve your game with a football goal kickback. It's the next best thing after playing in real-life scenarios. With a single football kickback, you can improve your skills. Additionally, you can add a few more to increase the pace and challenge yourself. Not only that, but football kickbacks also help you be engaged while you're having fun!

Of course, you must choose the best type that will fit your practice. Thus, we don't recommend compromising the quality of the football trainer that you'll purchase.

The Best Football Kickback For You

Do you want to improve your football skills? If so, you need to invest in a good football rebounder. What's great about this item is that it helps you enhance your skill with only a ball and yourself. Not only that, but you can also use a football kickback to practice other sports, basketball included!

Now, if you're looking for an excellent investment, you should check out Open Goaaal.

Open Goaaal Football kickbacks are theperfect backyard football kickback. We've combined a football rebounder, a football goal, and a football backstop into one, making it portable and easy to set up. Imagine practicing your favorite sport in your backyard without having to worry about damaging your or your neighbors’ property! Sweet, right?

With Open Goaaal, you can practice like a pro in the comfort of your own home. Another thing you should know is that it comes in 5 different sizes that you can choose from. Depending on the size of your backyard, you can pick one that best fits your needs! Not only that, its netting is made with high-quality UV-resistant PE. So you know it's built to last.

Things to Consider When Buying a Football Kickback

Before purchasing a football kickback, you want to make sure that you've found the right one that matches your needs. Here are the things you should look for when buying your first football kickback.


When finding a football kickback, you should ask yourself if it's durable enough. Generally, a football kickback has two parts: the net and the frame. 

If you want your equipment to last, choose one with all-weather netting. You can use these nets in any climate and are designed to last for years. Additionally, the kickback's net should be tight-knit for a better reaction.

On the other hand, the frame should be made of durable materials like steel or aluminum. These materials take the brunt and can withstand high impact. Plastic and fiberglass are good options for low-impact training.


An adjustable angle option is a great feature for football kickbacks. If you want to master different flight paths, you'll need a football goal kickback that can easily change angles. Additionally, a multipurpose kickback is a great option if you want one that has multiple angles. It also enhances your heading and striking, so you're hitting two birds with one stone!


Portability is a crucial feature if you want a football goal kickback that you can bring anywhere.If you're a football coach, you'll need a kickback that you can take when training with your team. With this, you must look for a lightweight kickback that's foldable and portable.


If you want to be unbeatable in the game, the price shouldn't be on your list. But, of course, most people need to stay within a budget. So, the price varies depending on the features that you get from the football kickback. That said, be prepared to spend more money for a kickback that has excellent features and will last you years.

The Best Football Goal Kickback for You

A football goal kickback is a piece of valuable equipment that you can use to enhance your football skills. While nothing beats a football game on the field, training in your backyard is a sure-fire way to step up your game. You don't even have to worry becauseOpen Goaaal has got you covered. With the help of an Open Goaaal football kickback, you'll be a champion football player in no time! 

The question is, are you ready?