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It goes without saying that football is a game that requires high energy levels. This makes training and conditioning essential aspects for every football player.

Using youth football training equipment is one of the best ways to take a player’s skills and abilities to the next level. In this article, we have listed some of the best football training equipment that can be used for both outdoor and indoor training.

Agility Rings 


  • Hexagonal designs
  • Available in a set of 6
  • Great quality
  • Affordable price tag


  • Not available in round shape

Football players need to have the ability to change positions quickly. Agility training rings are a great way to enhance coordination, balance, and speed through multipletypes of football drills. They can also be used for warm-up sessions.

These agility and speed training rings come in a set of 6 and have a hexagonal shape. They can be used as single units or can be connected by using the connector clips included in the package. This allows the players to engage in a variety of drills like hops, agility ladders, and scissors.

As expected from OpenGoaaal, the quality is top notch and the price tag is affordable. You can expect them to last for years without getting damaged. In addition, you can also use these rings for lacrosse training.

Football Goal Rebounder


  • Adjustable width
  • High-grade UV resistant PE netting
  • Easy to set up
  • Netting can be raised or hidden


  • Limited portability

The 3-in-1 football rebounder and football goal is one of the best football training equipment that can be used for players of all skill levels. The main highlight of the product is the practical and functional design.

Available in multiple sizes, these pieces of equipment have a backstop and a rebounder net that prevents missed shots from breaking windows and fences in the neighborhood. Since the players do not need to chase the balls, they have more time and energy to focus on the training.

The entire set, including the goal post and net, is made from quality materials and is weatherproof. It also has excellent stability and durability to withstand power shots.

At this price, this 3-in-1 football trainer also offers great value. Overall, one of the best football training tools you can buy for players.

Football Mannequin 


  • Available in three sizes
  • Solid build to resist high impacts
  • Spiked base for fixing
  • Weather-resistant design


  • High price tag

These football mannequins are a great tool in your training arsenal to help the players improve a wide range of football skills. What makes them effective is their excellent versatility.

Each unit is made from high-quality, UV-resistant PVC and has 4 steel ground spikes for easy placement on the ground. They are available in three sizes and the bright red color makes them highly visible.

You can line up multiple mannequins to imitate a defense wall for free-kick practice. They can also be used for general target practice. Or else, they can be used as obstacles for dribbling practice.

However, these units are pricey. Considering the price, we wish that they came with weighted rubber bases.

Football Net Targets 


  • Good durability and high visibility
  • Good for goals of any size
  • Carabiners ensure secure fixing
  • Can be used in any weather


  • Only available in one size

Hitting the target with the ball is an essential aspect of football. That makes the Open Goaaal target one of the best football equipment to include as a part of your training gear. In short, they are a great choice for improving shooting precision.

Made from high-quality vinyl, these targets are machine stitched and can be used with any goal, including pop-up football goals. The package contains 2 targets and 8 durable carabiners for fixing them with the netting. Including carabiners instead of Velcro is a big plus that puts the product ahead of its competitors.

Using these targets as a part of the football training sessions will help in developing shooting muscle memory. As with all Open Goaaal products, you can expect excellent value from these net targets.

Weighted Football Ball 


  • A well-designed product
  • Good for improving ball control
  • Carabiners ensure secure fixing
  • Can be used in any weather


  • It is pricey

The weighted football ball is one of the best youth football training equipment for young players. It can be used for improving ball control and footwork. They are also highly effective for developing reaction time for goalkeepers.

Basically, this is a size 3 training ball with the weight of a size 5 ball. The smaller size makes  the players more focused during practice. At the same time, the higher weight gives the football training sessions a boost.

Since it is a smaller target, the goalies in kids’ football will find tracking and catching the ball more challenging. 

While it’s a great football coaching tool, the ball is pricy. Since SKLZ does not provide details about the materials used, long-term durability can be an issue

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best football training equipment?

It is not easy to point out a single training tool as the best football training equipment as it will depend on the needs andfootball skills of the players. 

But for us, the Open Goaaal Football Rebounder is one of the best football training tools. Without the need to chase balls or use multiple balls, the 3-in-1 goal is a great piece of equipment for the entire kid’s football team to enjoy the training sessions.

What gear do you need for football practice? 

Apart from the practice clothes and jerseys, the essential football gear includes football cleats, shin guards, football socks, a water bottle, and a gear carry bag. Additionally, the goalkeepers will need gloves for practice.

What is the most important piece of gear in football? 

Since football is played with the feet, football cleats are the most important gear for a player. Thecleats offer better traction on the grass and turf surfaces and allow the players to have better control of the ball. Beyond that, they also protect the feet while kicking the ball, and prevent them from being stepped over during a scrimmage.

Final Thoughts 

These are some of the best football training equipment that you can pick for young players. 

They can be used to improve the skills of individual players and also the entire team.

Quite simply, training with a football ball is the best way to improve the football skills of the players. But using the right youth football training equipment will help the players to use the football ball more effectively, and will also allow them to practice without it.