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Precision Shooting Targets - 2 pack

One of the key benefits of Open Goaaal is that you can practice shooting at the most difficult areas of the goalmouth, without fear of missing.  Like just inside the post, or in the bottom or top corner. 

Kids don't spend long practicing these critical shots with a normal goal. Why?  Because they'll spend most of their time fetching missed shots.  So they end up "shooting safe" into the centre of the goal, which is really bad skills development.

Open Goaaal puts an end to all of that, because it's fine if you miss the goal! And Open Goaaal Precision Targets give you the flexibility to attach a target at any position you want to practice aiming at.  And you can move them around during sessions. 

They're 30cm (1 foot) wide and made of a durable vinyl.  They attach to the net with 4 carabiners (supplied) and come in packs of 2.  

They'll absolutely help improve your shooting skills!

Delivery note - This product will arrive in a separate envelope to your goal, and perhaps on a separate day.